About Us


Our Approach

Omedicine medical repository is an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution, or school.

A medical repository can be viewed as “a set of services that a website offers to members of its community for the management and dissemination of digital materials created by institutions and its community members.” This includes materials such as monographs, eprints of academic journal articles—both before (preprints) and after (postprints) undergoing peer review—as well as electronic theses and dissertations and student researches that are handed over in order to attain a particular qualification. An institutional repository might also include other digital assets generated by academics, such as datasets, administrative documents, course notes, learning objects, or conference proceedings.

Our Story

About the year 2016, we noticed that most of the repositories where either expensive or nonexistent. Thus omedicine was born with the goal of given medical students a platform to share and disseminate information.


Meet the Team

Below is our dedicated team of professionals that make this repository tick


Davis Muhwezi

Founder & CEO

Davis is a fast paced individual, always looking to get things done.


Patricia Atuhaire

Vice President

The blood vessels of the repository and websites. she is very friendly and extremely professional.


Derrick Mudeda


The engine of the repository. Makes sure everything is oiled and moving.

Next Steps...

Thank you for looking around. email omedicineofficial@gmail.com or call +256701578408 for information and work.