Redness of the palate under a denture with petechial and whitish areas


  • 90% of cases due to Candida albicans, 9% other Candida species, and 1% Klebsiella
  • Poor denture hygiene
  • Night-time wear of dentures
  • Trauma
  • Increased intake of sugary foods

Clinical features

  • Mild inflammation and redness under denture
  • Petechial and whitish areas in severe cases
  • Burning sensation but no pain or tenderness

Differential diagnosis

  • Acrylic allergy


  • Exclude diabetes, i.e. blood glucose


  • Remove dentures at night
  • Improve denture hygiene by soaking in hypochlorite cleanser (10 drops of household
    bleach in a denture cup or container filled with tap water) and brushing fitting surface with a soft
  • Replace ill-fitting dentures
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Nystatin suspension 100,000 IU/ml 6 hourly