The Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS) collects blood and produces all blood products.

  • Whole blood (WB): unseparated blood collected in an approved container and containing a preservative or
    anticoagulant solution
  • Blood refers to any blood component in which the main constituent is red blood cells, e.g., whole blood (WB), red cell concentrate, or red cell suspension
  • Unless otherwise specified, others are referred to as blood components or products. Blood components are
    prepared from WB, and contain negligible quantity of red cells, e.g., platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma,
    Cryoprecipitate. (Refer to the National Blood Transfusion Guidelines for appropriate use of blood for more details)UBTS ensures that all blood and blood products are produced in a way that ensures the health and safety of both patients and donors and minimises the risk of transmitting infection through blood.