Inflammation of the uvea of the eye. It is classified as either anterior (involves iris and ciliary body) or posterior (involves choroid which is the posterior part of the uvea).


  • Systemic diseases (TB, HIV, lymphoma, autoimmune disease, leprosy, toxoplasmosis)
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Post-trauma
  • Idiopathic

Clinical features

  • Anterior uveitis: Involves the iris and ciliary body, pain, photophobia, ciliary infection, poor vision, small and
    irregular pupil, cells and flare in the anterior chamber, and keratic precipitates
  • Posterior uveitis: Involves choroid, poor vision, cells in the vitreous


  • Investigation of uveitis is broad and requires a high index of suspicion
  • Diagnosis of uveitis requires expertise and can only be confirmed by slit lamp examinations


  • Do not give any medicine
  • Explain seriousness of the condition to the patient
  • Refer urgently to a qualified eye health worker

Anterior uveitis

  • Topical steroids eye drops
  • Periocular steroids may be used in severe anterior uveitis
  • Atropine eye drops to relieve pain
  • Refer bilateral cases, and where there is poor vision and associated ocular complications

Posterior uveitis

  • Treat the primary condition if any
  • Topical, periocular and systemic steroids
  • Atropine/Cyclopegics to relieve pain in anterior uveitis


  • Wear protective goggles when hammering, sawing, chopping, grinding etc.
  • Warn children playing with sticks about risk of eye injuries