Various chemicals may injure the eye when they come into contact with the eyes or face. The commonest are acidic or alkaline chemical products.

Acids and Alkaline products will cause serious injuries to the lids, cornea, and conjunctivae.


First Aid

  • On exposure to acid or chemical products, theeyes should be immediately irrigated with
    copious amounts of water as a first aid treatment

At health facility

  • On arrival at a medical centre, continue irrigation with normal saline to wash out the entire
  • After irrigation of the eye, apply tetracycline eye ointment and pad the eye, and refer to an
    ophthalmologist immediately
  • Tear gas, which is used in crowd dispersion can cause the eyes to sting and tear copiously. The
    individual should irrigate the eyes with plenty of water

    • Tear gas injury is usually short lived and does not usually require treatment