Penetrating eye injuries are common in children and adults and result from injury by a sharp object.


Eyelid Injuries

  • A cut involving the lid margin needs to be repaired under magnification so that the margin is well
    approximated, otherwise, if not well repaired, it will heal with a coloboma effect

    • A cut involving the eye lids may injure the lacrimal system if located in the medial aspect of
      the lid

Corneal and Scleral Perforations

All perforations of the cornea or sclera are serious injuries and may lead to blindness.

  • Apply an eye shield to protect the eye, give a pain reliever and refer the patient immediately to an
  • At the secondary or tertiary level the treatment of corneal/scleral lacerations is immediate repair
    with 10/0 sutures under an operating microscope, or if the laceration is extensive, an immediate
    evisceration of the eye should be performed