Give effective treatment and prophylaxis

  • Eliminate parasites from the human population by early diagnosis and effective treatment
  • Protect vulnerable groups with chemoprophylaxis
  • Give IPT to all pregnant women

Reduce human-mosquito contact

  • Use insecticide-treated materials (e.g. bed nets)
  • Destroy adult mosquitoes by indoor residual spraying of dwellings with insecticide or use of knock-down sprays Screen houses
  • Carefully select house sites avoiding mosquito-infested areas
  • Wear clothes which cover the arms and legs and use repellent mosquito coils and creams/sprays on the skin when sitting outdoors at night

Control mosquito breeding sites

  • Eliminate collections of stagnant water where mosquitoes breed, e.g. in empty cans/ containers, potholes, old car tyres, plastic bags, and footprints by disposal, draining, or covering with soil or sand
  • Destroy mosquito larvae by dosing stagnant water bodies with larvicides or with biological methods (e.g. larvae-eating fish)

Give public health education on the above measures