Not recommended for all those living in a highly endemic area like Uganda. However, it is recommended for certain high-risk groups but is not 100% effective.


In endemic areas,
pregnant women
carry malaria
parasites in their
blood or placenta,
which is harmful to
the health of both
mother and foetus
  • Give intermittent preventive
    treatment (IPT) to ensure the
    well-being of mother and foetus
  • SP single dose (3 tabs) given at
    13 weeks and continued monthly
    until delivery
  • Ensure doses are taken under
    supervision by the health
    provider as directly observed
    therapy (DOT)
  • Record doses on the patient’s
    card and treatment register and
    summarise further in the delivery
    book and monthly returns
  • Do not give SP in HIV patients on
Sicke cell disease
  • Chloroquine
    Adult: 300 mg base weekly
    Child: 5 mg (base)/kg weekly
  • or Sulphadoxinepyrimethamine
People living
with HIV
  • Cotrimoxazole daily as per
    national guidelines
  • Mefloquine
    Adult: 250 mg once weekly
    Child: 5 mg/kg once weekly