Can be due to disease or medicines


  • Treat the cause
  • Vomiting typically relieves nausea

If due to gastric stasis or delayed bowel transit time

  • Give metoclopramide 10–20 mg every 8 hours (30 minutes before meals; same dose SC or IV)

If due to metabolic disturbance (liver/renal failure, medicines e.g., chemotherapy)

  • Give haloperidol 1.25 to 2.5 mg nocte (PO or SC)

If due to raised intracranial pressure

  • Dexamethasone 8-16 mg od

If due to visceral stretch or compression

  • Promethazine 25 mg every 8 hours or
  • Hyoscine butylblomide 20-40 mg 8 hourly