HIV positive persons benefit greatly from the following support after the first impact of the test result is overcome:

  • Provide of emotional support
  • Help the person understand the social, medical, and psychological implications for him/herself, the unborn child (in the case of a pregnant woman), and any sexual partners
  • Connect the person with support services, including (religious) support groups, orphan care, income generating activities, home care and others
  • Help the person find strategies to involve his/her partner and extended family in sharing responsibility
  • Help the person identify someone from the community to support and care for him/her
  • Discuss with HIV positive mothers how to provide for the other children in the family
  • Help him/her identify a person from the extended family or community who will provide support
  • As appropriate, confirm and support information given in HIV counselling and testing on mother-to-child transmission, possibility of ARV treatment, safer sex, infant feeding and FP advice
  • Help the person to understand and develop strategies to apply new information within daily life.