Clinical Features

  • The onset of this condition is usually before the age of 7 years.
  • The child is permanently on the move during the waking period, leading to poor sustained attention, and as a result finds it difficult to complete tasks and is inattentive.
  • Very often the child is labelled as being stubborn by the parents and has poor school performance


  1. General
    • Use behaviour modification approaches at home and school.
    • Provide a structured learning environment at school and home
  2. Pharmacological – Drugs are given in the morning. Another dose in the afternoon can be given if needed:
    • Methyphenidate: start with 0.3mg/kg/dose or 2.5–5mg/dose increase by 0.1mg/kg/dose to a maximum dose of 2mg/kg/day.
    • Atomoxetine: 0.5/kg/day to a maximum of 1.2mg/kg/day.