This is usually a complaint following a URTI or is seasonal. It can be acute or chronic. It can be infective or allergic in origin.

Clinical Features

Child will have pain over affected sinus.


  • If the nasal discharge is watery, with nasal obstruction, sneezing and a pale/ bluish nasal mucosa, treat with antihistamines.
  • If the nasal discharge is purulent, with nasal obstruction, an early nocturnal cough and an inflamed nasal mucosa, treat with antibiotics for a week.
  • Children, who have bilateral purulent nasal discharge of more than 10 days duration treat with amoxicillin for 7 days. If the purulent nasal discharge is unilateral, exclude foreign body especially in young children.
  • Refer to ENT if there is failure of treatment, onset of complications, or need for surgical intervention.