Cervical Mucus Method (CMM) and Moon Beads

CMM is a fertility awareness-based method of FP which relies on the change in the nature of vaginal mucus during
the menstrual cycle in order to detect the fertile time. During this time, the couple avoids pregnancy by changing sexual behaviour as follows:

  • Abstaining from sexual intercourse: Avoiding vaginal sex completely (also called periodic abstinence)
  • Using barriers methods, e.g., condoms, cervical caps Guidance on correct use of the method is only available at
    centres with specially trained service providers.


  • Ensure client understands how the method works
  • Explain how to distinguish the different types of mucus
  • Show client how to complete the CMM chart, can be used together with the moon beads
  • Carry out a practice/trial period of at least 3 cycles
  • Confirm that the chart is correctly filled
  • Advise client to
    • Always use condoms as well as CMM if there is any risk of exposure to STIs/HIV
    • Return on a specific follow-up date after one menstrual cycle