This permanent FP method involves a minor operation carried out under local anaesthetic to cut and tie the two
sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens). It is only available at centres with specially trained service providers. There is
need to dispel the myths of impotence following vasectomy.


  • Fully aware, counselled clients who have voluntarily signed the consent form
  • Males of couples
    • Who have definitely reached their desired family size and want no more children
    • Where the woman cannot risk another pregnancy due to age or health problems


  • Ensure client understands how the method works and that it is permanent, not reversible, and
    highly effective
  • Explain to client that:
    • Vasectomy is not castration and sexual ability/ activity is not affected
    • The procedure is not immediately effective and that the client will need to use a condom for at
      least 15 ejaculations after the operation (or 3 months)
  • After the operation, advise client:
    • On wound care
    • To return for routine follow-up after 7 days or earlier if there is fever, excessive swelling, pus, or
      tenderness at the site of operation
    • To continue using condoms or other contraceptive devices for 3-months following the
    • To use condoms if there is any risk of HIV/STIs