All HIV services for pregnant mothers are offered in the MCH clinic. After delivery, mother and baby will remain
in the MCH postnatal clinic until HIV status of the child is confirmed, then they will be transferred to the general ART clinic.

All pregnant mothers and partners should receive routine counselling and testing for HIV.

If mother tests negative:

  • Counsel on HIV prevention
  • Repeat test in third trimester/during labour and delivery

If mother tests positive or is already known positive but not yet on ART

  • Enroll on HIV care (eMTCT).

If mother is already positive and already on ART:

  • Continue on their existing regimen; may not be switched to Option B+ regimens
  • Perform viral load at first contact
  • For more information on HIV, including clinical diagnosis, management, and psychosocial support, refer to specific HIV/AIDS guidelines.