Rectal trauma may be caused by assault, road accidents, birth trauma, and sexual assault.

Clinical Features

  • Patients present with pain
  • Bleeding
  • Purulent rectal discharge.

Clinical findings include

  • Anal laceration
  • Features of peritonitis
  • Fever with or without foreign bodies in the rectum.


  • Address the primary problem.
  • For mild to moderate cases, manage conservatively, which includes:
    • Administration of antibiotics like metronidazole 400mg orally 8 hourly and cefuroxime 750mg IV 8 hourly.
    • Saline sitz bath and analgesics.
    • Diclofenac 50mg orally 8 hourly or ibuprofen 400mg orally 8 hourly.
  • For severe cases, carry out surgical interventions.
  • Provide counselling and other support services of the patient as needed.